Rainfall analysis by girma mamo

Precipitation index (spi), one-way-analysis of variance (anova), crop diversification index (cdi) and index dependence upon rain-fed agriculture ( girma and fekadu, 2010) girma mamo and fekadu getachew (2010) climate change.

The mean annual rainfall anomaly is correlated with the rangeland wrsi moreover, the future rainfall trend analysis indicated that variability of rainfall would be. Girma mamo, ethiopian agricultural research organisation, melkassa, ethiopia, the most important weather systems that cause rain over ethiopia participatory analysis of the farmers' current practices and preferences and the. Girma mamo (phd) melkasa research institute, director geospatial and climate change research mengistu mengesah (phd, assistance professor) lecturer.

Girma mamo 40 climate innovation analysis: ethiopia chronic food insecurity affects 10% of the population and even during average rainfall years. Analysis of maize-livestock innovation systems in awassa, bako and ambo areas of ethiopia figure 1 maize growing zones of ethiopia (firew and girma, 2001) suitability increases stress areas to high rainfall areas and from the lowlands to the highlands (kebede et al, friew kelemu and girma mamo 2001. An objective analysis of daily rainfall over maharashtra (india) by distance weighting the present study describes the details of the daily rainfall analysis on a map analysis using weighted time–series observations noaa tech memo.

Research associate (geospatial analysis, crop modelling and spatio- temporal variability and trends of precipitation and extreme rainfall events in ethiopia in 1980–2010 springer gizachew legesse, girma mamo, mezegebu getnet. Rain fed lowland condition of the fog era plain, northern ethiopia seed system and quality analysis of maize (zea mays l) in lare and godere districts, gambella solomon tamiru wodajo, kindie tesfaye and girma mamo.

Trend and variability of rainfall in tigray, northern ethiopia: analysis of gebre hadgu, kindie tesfaye, girma mamo and belay kassa (2013) trend and. In this study, the trend and variability of rainfall were compared with the perception of author(s) : gebre hadgu kindie tesfaye girma mamo belay kassa. Mann-kendall's test was employed for a rainfall trend analysis standardized rainfall girmaeshe[email protected] author(s) agree that this. Girma mamo variability and time series trend analysis of rainfall and temperature in northcentral ethiopia: a case study in woleka sub-basin.

Negash hailu, chemeda fininsa, tamado tana and girma mamo of ethiopian and world inflation: a time series analysis vecm approach change an assessment of temperature and precipitation change projections using a regional. Zerihun girma, yosef mamo and mateos ersado, 2012 the variations in temperature and rainfall among different habitats (yalden, 1983 yalden and largen, 1992) of transects laid in similar habitat types were pulled together for analysis. Gebre hadgu & kindie tesfaye & girma mamo received: 20 april prior to analysis of indices, rainfall and temperature data were plotted for.

Girma mamo 3 temporal rainfall characteristics of amhara region, ethiopia using this was done following a time series analysis in. Solomon tamiru & kindie tesfaye & girma mamo, 2015 analysis of rainfall and temperature variability to guide sorghum (sorghum bicolar) production in. Authors: girma mamo (phd), seme debela (phd), million tadesse (phd), abate climatic: - since ethiopia's agriculture is overwhelmingly rainfall-dependent, makes a quantitative analysis of future risks and adaptation options a.

The seasonal variation in the amount of rainfall and temperature and spatial of the wildlife species (girma, mamo, & ersado, 2012 kebede et al, 2013) the stepwise regression analysis (backward elimination technique). Girma mamo 3 1 researcher, bonga agricultural research center, sari, hawasa, ethiopia pobox:101 bonga, kafa zone, ethiopia 2.

rainfall analysis by girma mamo Temporal variability and extreme values of selected rainfall and  the analysis  for current climate showed that in the short rainy season. Download
Rainfall analysis by girma mamo
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